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GPS navigation for your bike

Since about one month I’m proud owner of a Garmin GPS 60 handheld and so far I used it most times together with my bike. Receiving 6 satellites and with EGNOS support you can locate your current position with a precision of down to 2m with this device. While I have by far not tried all possible things one could do with a GPS I still want to give a short collection of links I found useful and notes you might find useful.

  • I put my first track on gpsies.com GPSies - Steinbachtal-Höchberg-Runde
  • Also having a classical bike computer on my bike I compared the measured distances of my GPS with that of the bike computer. They agree to better than about one percent on two different routes (both about 20 km).
  • Good GPS website with technical information about GPS in English and in German.
  • Mac-GPS-Software I used so far and found useful are
    • LoadMyTracks to transfer tracks between yor Mac and the GPS handheld (Freeware).
    • GPSPhotoLinker to geotag pictures you took on your track, provided your camera’s clock is accurate or at least that you know the offset of your camera’s clock (Freeware).
    • GPSBabel — a great open source tool for transferring and especially for converting GPS data.
    • A good (German) Mac Geotagging Howto can be found at gpsmedien.de: Part 1, Part 2

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