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Ongoing and open projects

  • Stellar populations in the nuclei of ultra hard X-ray selected AGN and matched inactive galaxies (stellar population synthesis in the optical, using X-SHOOTER spectra of the LLAMA AGN+control galaxy sample; with Ric Davies). Status: wrapping up.
  • The multi-wavelength view of the AGN – star-formation relation (stellar population synthesis in the near-IR, using the same X-SHOOTER spectra of LLAMA galaxies; co-supervised by Bernhard Brandl and Jarle Brinchmann). Status: Ph.D. student Turgay Caglar started on 1 Dec 2017
  • Testing a minor merger origin of AGN with a controlled sample (analysis of La Silla 2.2m/GROND images of the LLAMA sample). Status: Master student Charlotte Brand started Sep 2017.
  • Building an L/M band photometric atlas of nearby Seyfert galaxies (with Daniel Asmus and Walter Jaffe). Status: Master student Paul Couzy started 1 Dec 2017
  • VLTI/MATISSE observations of nearby AGNs (co-supervised by Walter Jaffe). Status: Ph.D. student Violeta Gámez Rosas started on 15 May 2018.
  • The galactic activity, torus and outflow survey (GATOS). A project that has just recently started and is focused on observing local galaxies with state-of-the-art high angular resolution observatories/instruments such as ALMA (proposal accepted) and JWST (proposal to be submitted).

Please get in contact with me should you be interested in contributing to any of these projects.

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