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Keywurl is a great tool for Safari that adds the capability to quickly access almost any search engine from the URL field. You probably no longer surf to Google to just search for something but enter it in the “search box” in the upper right hand corner. With Keywurl you can do exactly this also for a number of other search engines, e.g. imdb.com, amazon.de, Wikipedia, … you name it. It’s even possible to add more than just one search parameter, e.g. to search for all articles by someone between year X and year Y on ADS. And this is the only part that got me stuck on this otherwise great piece of open-source software (version 1.4 beta 6 for Safari 4): When you want to define more than one search parameter you have to substitute the first search parameter as ‘query word 2’, the second as ‘query word 3’ etc.

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