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Mobile Internet with a Mac and a SonyEricsson K750i

Nowadays prices for mobile internet are getting reasonable. With e.g. Simyo you get your mobile Megabyte for 24 Euro-Cent. This is okay for e-mail messaging and even for some moderate web-browsing. Of course all this makes more fun if done from a decent computer, say a MacBook, and not using some tiny mobile phone’s keypad. So I was looking for a way to go online using my MacBook running MacOS X 10.4.10 and a SonyEricsson K750i mobile phone (which is a great mobile phone except for two things: The keypad is almost unresponsive after two years of moderate use and the general key response is a bit tardy for my opinion). Unfortunately Apple does not supply the necessary Modem Scripts for this phone but a nice fella, Ross Barkman, has created them and offers them for free download from his website. He provides several scripts: For me, the first one, GPRS CID 1, already worked fine. All the settings you need to care about are described in detail in his ReadMe file and some provider specific data for Germany can be found at teltarif.de. Happy mobile surfing!

Update (Feb 3 2008): In Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5) appropriate scripts are bundled with the OS.

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